Shri. Veer Vamanrao Joshi

Gymnasium Akharas and revolutionaries had a close relation with each other. Right from the start of Shri Hanuman Vyayam Prasarak Mandal, in from the foundation of Hanuman Club,founders of these institutions had a great impact of radical patriots of that time. Vaidya brothers had affection for these revolutionaries and they had taken inspiration from wellknown Chaphekar brothers. But the man who inspired Vaidya brothers, founders of H.V.P.M., most and the man who had close relations with mandal from start to his death in 1956 was the great patriot Veer Vamanrao Joshi. He was a radical revolutionary, had formed a big youth organization for armed revolution, gave training of using weapons to youths, ran Akharas,created a library on war literature and started laboratory for bomb making.

Strong Will of revolution

Young generations do not have much knowledge about the revolutionary work done by Veer Vamanrao Joshi. Nobody has written detail biography of vamanraodada yet. Tryambak Guruji has written one of the incident related to him in a special issue of a journal in may, 1976.