Tribal Schools

Establishment of Tribal Development Unit In the Institution:

Shree Hanuman Vyayam Prasarak Mandal has established different departments to run activities of ancient Indian sports and physical culture. The department of tribal development of HVPM is established to extend the service to tribal people in this region. Honorable Mrs. Aruna Bagchi, then Principal Secretary, Tribal Development, Ministry of Tribal Development, Government of Maharashtra visited this Institution in 1992-93 and considering the availability of infrastructure, the activities and the programmes of the Institution, offered a Tribal School (Ashram Shala) in the District Head Quarter Place AMRAVATI. This is a unique example of its kind that an Ashram School is in the city of District Head Quarter. During her visit to interior region of Melghat, the Tribal Belt of District Amravati. The Tribal people urged her to start Ashram School at Hatru and Harisal under the patronage of HVPM. She accepted the request and sanctioned Ashram schools at Hatru and Harisal.


In all four Ashram Schools, staff is appointed as per the norms of State Government. The staff includes Head Master, Teachers, Superintendent, Clarks, Laboratory Attendants, Peons, Cook and Helpers etc. These staff members are given salary through the grants received from state government. The management trust of Shree Hanuman Vyayam Prasarak Mandal, Amravati additionally provides Tutors, Coaches and Counselors to provide training of sports, arts, craft, and to teach the good practices.


The trust has created necessary infrastructure at all four places. The land is purchased to use exclusively for the Ashram Schools. Necessary classrooms, offices, hostels and other infrastructure are created. The management trust has provided the arrangement of GenSet and Solar panels to Ashram School at Hatru because there is no electricity power available in Hatru. The Infrastructure created is satisfying the minimum requirement but it needs to be modified, improved and modernize. Financial Resources: The Ashram schools are receiving grant-in-aid from the state government. The financial assistance is for Salary of the staff, and for lodging and boarding for the students (@ Rs.630/- per student per month). The contingency grant is mere 12 % of the total salary of teaching staff and 8% of the total salary of non-teaching staff. This amount of grant is very insufficient to provide good food, facilities, clothing, and other items of daily needs. The management trust, every year, pour large amount of finance to extend the standard living and facilities to the tribal students.

Achievement and Awards:

The Ashram Schools at all four places have shown academic excellence and the result of Secondary School Examination is above 90% for last three years. Considering the fact that the students having no educational background, low socio-economic status and parents are reluctant to provide education to their ward, this academic performance is excellent. HVPM is having unique honor to have Ashram School at the district head quarter. This provides a unique opportunity to the students of Ashram School to have international standard sports facilities in their school campus. Also HVPM is having strong backup of talented sports coaches they take these students at the teenage and nurture sports talent in them. This has resulted in a very good outcome. From its establishment up to last year i.e. 1992 to 2009 near about 27 students and 384 students have participated at National level and State level school competitions respectively. This is also a great achievement. In 1997 students of Amravati Ashram School have participated in Republic Day Parade at Delhi. Ashram School at Harisal received a Certificate of Merit of Second position and cash award of Rs. Two Lacs in the year 2003-04 and received a Certificate of Merit of Third position and a cash award of Rs. One Lac in the year 2005-06 conferred by Department of Tribal Development, Government of Maharashtra. HVPM is recipient of “Adiwasi Sanstha Seva Puraskar” for the year 1996-97 for its outstanding work in the tribal region of Amravati District and various schemes it has undertaken for the welfare of the tribal people.

Development Plans:

HVPM has created the necessary infrastructure like: Class rooms, Hostels, Mess, etc. required for running Ashram Schools. The infrastructure created is required to be upgraded, and modernized. The arrangements for pure drinking water, continuous supply of electricity and maintenance of hygiene are the requirements of utmost importance. HVPM is committed to provide good and advance knowledge and education to the tribal. At present students are provided with computer education by using infrastructure available with other institutions managed by HVPM. In the future development it is proposed to upgrade the available infrastructure and also modernize the available facilities.

Regarding Ashram Schools:

Shri Hanuman Vyayam Prasarak Mandal is running four Ashram Schools in the district Amravati. Total students in all schools are 1272.

Shri Ramkrishna Ashram Shala, Amravati:

It is established in 1992.
Standard: 5th to 10th
Total Boys: 172
Total Girls: 168
Total Students: 340

Granted Ashram Shala, Hatru, Ta. Chikhaldara, District Amravati :

It is established in 1992.
Standard: 8th to 10th
Total Boys: 290
Total Girls: 186
Total Students: 476

Post Basic Ashram Shala, Harisal, Ta. Dharni, District Amravati :

It is established in 1992.
Standard: 8th to 10th
Total Boys: 290
Total Girls: 186
Total Students: 476

Granted Adiwasi Kanya Ashram Shala, Gaurkheda Kumbhi, Ta. Achalpur,

District Amravati :
It is established in 1994.
Standard: 1st to 7th
Total Girls: 292
Total Students: 292