Shri Anant Krishnarao Vaidya

Late Shri Anant Krishnarao Vaidya

Late Shri Anant Krishnarao Vaidya alias Baburao Vaidya, one of the founder member of world famous institution Shree Hanuman Vayayam Prasarak Mandal was not only the elder brother of Shree Ambadaspant Vaidya but also a most senior, respectable and adorable personality.Baburaoji Vaidya was born on 31st of Dec in 1897. He was the elder son of Shri Krishnarao and Sau Savitribai Vaidya. He had Shri Ambadaspant Vaidya, younger brother and

two younger sisters. He was not only fond of artistic drawing but with his excellence in vision and colors of his life he portrayed the canvas of Shree H.V.P. Mandal, the dream of his younger brother Shri Ambadaspant Vaidya. This pleasant portrait of Shree H.V.P. Mandal is not only famous in India but also around the world.

He never made difference in his own and the family of Ambadaspant. Being elder in the family as he took the responsibility of Mandal with love and affection, he also looked after the Vaidya family with same affection and love. Shrimati Sumatibai Vaidya, Baburaoji’s wife, was a lecturer in Basic Training College of Amravati. She was having equal share with Baburao in looking after the family. Even in the absence of Baburaoji, she handled the responsibility of family very efficiently and she died in 1981 due to her old age.

Baburaoji was the first with the blessings of whom, Prabhakarraoji, the only nephew and currently acting General Secretary of H.V.P.Mandal, was putting their plans ideas before the Father Ambadaspant, because he confidently knew that Dada, will grant permission to his plans and ideas only because of Kaka’s support.

As Krishnaji passed away Baburaoji took the entire responsibility of the family. Several times he faced the challenges by keeping aside his artistic mind. But he never made aware about those challenges to Ambadaspant.

Foresight of Baburaoji was admirable. By knowing the importance that it is necessary to make propagate ancient Indian exercise tradition in the country and aboard, he successfully planed with Ambadaspant and send a team in the Olympic of 1936. Thereafter, in 1949, he was the chief team manager of the Indian team send for International Sports Conference, under the leadership of Shri H.V.P. Mandal, held at Linguard. It was the lion’s share of Baburao in organizing such and many other International tours, to raise funds and donation for these tours, its utilization, and necessary for the tours.

While returning from the International tour of Linguard, he was so impressed by the infrastructural facilities of gymnasium in the field of physical education and sports, that he decided to build huge gymnasium hall in the H.V.P.Mandal campus. And today a huge “Anant Krida Mandir” the dream of Baburaoji, became one of wonders of the campus.

Baburaoji was not only excellent and skilled wrestler but also skilled in swordsmanship, Lathi and jambiya. These moments were expressed by then well known wrestler late Shri Haribhau Kaloti and Shri Daterao. They got valuable training in wrestling from Baburaoji.

Though Baburaoji was not involved directly in politics and battle of independence, he has an important share in molding revolutionaries. Basically, Vyayam Shala was established under the valuable guidance and inspiration of the great freedom fighter, Vidarbha Veer Wamanrao Joshi to motivate youth of the country for the struggle of independence. Dadasaheb Khaparde and Veer Wamanrao Joshi were the source of inspiration for Baburaoji. In the period of time, Baburaoji and the institution come into contacts with many national leaders and, institution became an integral part of National activities.