Yoga & Naturopathy

Blood Donation camps are organized on various occassions which is used to donate the blood to needy persons. Nearly 500 students and teachers of the institution donate their blood every year. The Mandal maintains a list of blood donor students staff who donate blood from time to time as per the requirements.

Naturopathy believes ” All healing powers are within the human body” It therefore, helps the human system to remove the cause of disease i.e toxins, by expelling the unwanted matter from the body for curing the disease. It declares that the human body is not an inert machine which requires external help whenever it fails to function normally. It is an all powerful living dynam. And if given proper opportunity, is capable of curing and preserving itself. We are ill when we go against the nature.Hence one should adopt natural way of living.

This Institute is working continuously in the field such as training, treatment & research. The branch of this institute is also established in Chikhaladara. It organised the Yoga and Naturopathy camps on various places. The various courses conducted by this institute are as follows

Diploma in Naturopathy & Yogic Sciences (D.N.Y.S.)

After completing this course the student can practise this pathy any where in the country. This diploma is recognised by State & Central Government. This course is affiliated to All India Nature Cure Federation, New Delhi.

Duration : 3 Years 16 Months
Minimum Qualification : 10+2 Pass.
Age requirements : 18 Years and above.
Fees : Rs. 3500/- Per year

Diploma in Yoga Shishak (D.Y.S.)

This course is affiliated to YCMOU, Nashik. After completing this course one can practise this pathy anywhere in the India.

Duration : 1 Year course.
Minimum Qualification : 10+2 Pass.
Age requirements : 18 to 30 Years.
Fees : Rs. 4000/-
Certificate in Yoga & Naturopathy (C.C.Y.N.)
This course is affiliated to Maharashtra state Industrial Training Board,Mumbai, India .
Duration : 3 Weeks in Chikhaldara
Minimum Qualification: : 12th or S.S.C. Passed.
Age requirements : 18 Years and above.
Fees : Rs. 8000/-
Seats : 50

Mother Institute has developed Yoga Center. Here treatment, research & training facilities are provided. There is one big hall ,room for lodging, boarding, toilets and bath attached therewith a well furnished hostel for residence. Outdoor as well as indoor patients are also treated in the centre.

Yoga is an important part of the treatment .It has the power to maintain the physical, mental and spiritual balance. Following are the treatments available under Yoga are as follows.

Shat-Karmas (Yogic Shuddhi Kriyas) i.e. Yogic Purification Processes
Asanas ( Yogic Postures)
Pranayams, ( the control of the breathing process)
Bandhas & Mudras, (locks and holds of different parts of the body)
Dhyana ( Meditation)
Prarthana (Prayer)
Hasyayoga ( Laughing Yoga)

Nature Cure Centre

Shree Hanuman Vyayam Prasarak Mandal runs a nature cure centre under the Institute ofYoga & Naturopathy, with the aims and objectives to awaken the people about natural healthy living and to spread yogic practices along with Nature cure centre.Shree Hanuman Vyayam Prasarak Mandal laid the foundation of Institute of Yoga & Naturopathy in its campus in 1990. Working in an efficient manner this institute is moving ahead daily on path of progress.

Institute has started “Health For All” nature cure center with O.P.D.& I.P.D. for 50 beds.

Therapies Used

Nature cure includes HydrotherapyMagnetotherapy, Mud therapy, Massage therapy, Physiotherapy, Electrotherapy and Chromotherapy ( sun-rays treatment), Reiki, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Colon irrigation, and the Therapeutic diet.

Movable Assets

With the above mention therapies the Nature Cure Centre is equipped with following modalities –

Massage Reach Easy Whirlpool Bath
Foot Reflecter Bubble Bath
X-Ray View Box Russian Bath
Sitz Bath Tub Steam Bath Cabin
Hip Bath Tub Mud Pool
Spinal Bath Tub Rollar Massager
Foot Bath Tub Vibrator
Arm and Foot Bath Belt Spinal Spray
Infraphill Lamp Gluco Meter
Weighing Balance Machine Full Imersion Bath
Water Heater Magnetic Material
Colon Irrigation Electronic Stimulator (ACU)
Wheel Chair Ultraviolet Lamp
Cervical Traction Water Boiler
Lumber Traction Water Coolers
Ozone Veporizor Air coolers
Massage Table Refrigerator
Magnet Chair Magnet Bed
Magnet belt Morning Walker

Diseases Treated : The diseases that are effectively treated in our Nature Cure Centre are as follows-

Digestive Disorders
Respiratory Disorders
Cardio Vascular Disorders
Endocrine Disorders
Joint Disorders
Renal Disorders
Skin Disorders
Gynaecological Disorders
Nervous Disorders
Drug Tapering .

Shree H.V.P.Mandal’s Nature Cure Centre conducts Yoga classes for both ladies & gents. The centre is always available for consultation , advice and treatment. Additional treatment for body-serving , maintaining is provided . Accomodation, treatment and diet at affordable charges for common people are provided .