Summer Physical Training Institution

The aim of the institution was to popularize the Traditional Indian Physical Culture and to prepare the healthy youths to join National freedom movement.

The Institution started summer classes in the year 1928 to achieve this aim.. Three courses i.e. Vyayam Pravesh, Vyayam Patu and Vyayam Visharad were designed and introduced. It includes the training of Indian Physical Culture, training of handling various weapons like Bhala, Jambiya, Dandpatta, Dhal-Talwar,. Different activities of Indian origin like Yoga, Mallakhamb, Lathi, Dand Baithak etc were the part of training. That was the period when such training colleges were not in existance. Hence, the candidates who successfully completed these summer training were appointed as a physical education teachers. At that time the students from Utter pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan and Madhya pradesh etc. were admitted in these summer classes.

Now a days by considering the change in liking of society and need of the hour of the Mandal added the various, modern courses like Judo-Karate, Table-Tennis, Swimming, Basketball and Archery etc. in summer training being conducted regularly.

Every year the summer classes are conducted . About 2000 students are admitted in these 12 different courses of summer classes. The lodging and boarding arrangemet to almost all students is available in the campus. In this summer cam hobby classes like Multi Language classes, personality developement programmes along with lectures of eminent personalities of different walk of life are also arranged.