Civic Defence Force (CDF)

Pre-Military Training Camp

In 1932, civic Defence Force was founded by H.V.P.Mandal.
Every year,Pre-Military Training is conducted from 10 May to 10 June by civic Defence Force for girls and boys. Students who are interested in defence and civic defence can participate in it.

Aims and Objectives :

  1. Physical ,mental and moral development of students.
  2. To develop the desire and responsibility to protect the nation.
  3. To protect the city in a disciplined manner.
  4. To develop self defence and discipline among students.

Subjects :

It consists of 13 practical subjects and 7 theoretical subjects.

Physical/Practical Part :

  1. Civic Defence
  2. Self Defence (Karate – Lathi)
  3. Rifle Firing
  4. Fire Brigade
  5. Traffic Control Training
  6. Wireless Communication
  7. Resistance Training
  8. Precautions to be taken at the time of Bomb Explosion and Earth-quake
  9. Swimming
  10. Physical Training, Marchpast, Rifle Drill, Trekking, Guard Duty, First-Aid
  11. Civic Settlement
  12. Sports : Cricket, Football, Basketball, Volleyball (only on Sunday)
  13. Planning Construction

Theoretical Part :

  1. Personality Development
  2. Mental Study
  3. Study of Modern Equipment
  4. Aeromodelling
  5. First-Aid
  6. Wireless Communication
  7. Health Education

Age-Limit :

Boys : 12 to 22 years
Girls : 12 to 18 years

Duration :

10 May to 10 June (Every Year)


Students have to report on 10th May in between 9:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. in Hostel.

Dress-Code :

Students have to bring their own sky blue full shirt, white full pant, white canvas shoes, white socks .
Every student gets Barrette, Line Yard, Belt, Batch, Hackle by C.D.F.

Grade :

After Promotion Parade , every student gets the rank. (Surgent , Corporal , Lanscorporal)

Necessary Equipments :

Whistle, waterbag, 4-notebooks, diary, pen, bedding, civil dress, 2 black and white passport size photographs, plate, glass, bowl, spoon, daily needs.

Dress-Code :

T-Shirt, Pant and shoes.