Establishment : 29 June 1993
Registration No.: F-3452

Amravati District Mallakhambh Organisation, Amravati.

Objectives :

The objectives of theAmravati District Mallakhambh Organisation, Amravati are:

  1. To build the players at State and National level.
  2. To arrange the competitions at District, Region, State and National level.
  3. Training programs or classes are arranged for players at various places such as town’s, cities and in schools/colleges of Amravati.
  4. Exhibit the demonstrations programs for regarding the campaign of Mallakhambh in entire District.
  5. Arrange the coaching classes or training programs at district, region, state and national level for umpires and coaches. Also arranges the test examinations for umpires
  6. For attending the competitions at various places the financial help to the player.
  7. Sending the trainers to the various schools or colleges at small villages to guide them properly.

Until now lot of demonstrations are arranged at various places. Also arranged the competitions every year at District, State, Regional level. It has also organized two times State level mallakhamb competitions at Amravati.

Every year 25 to 30 players of the organization participates in State Level competitions. Players of this organization also conquered the merit place at National level competitions. Players of this organization bagged the first place every year at Inter collegiate competitions. Also they bagged the first, second or third place at All India Universities Competitions.

Working Body :