International Well Wishers

Dr.Karl Diem

Principal sporthochschule, Cologne. Chief organizer of 11th Berlin Olympics. principal Berlin college. Ex-principal, Berlin College of Physical Education. The first European Arch-patron of H.V.P.M under whose guidance the first ever foreign tour of the mandal was successful. Organiser of the Mandal’s Lingiad Team’s programme in prominent German cities free of cost. Attended Mandal’s annual festival.Frliciated and honoured by Hvpm. The whole-hearted supporter of Indian system of Physical Education.


The chief inspector of physical education. A world renowned authority on the health and development of the spine. The organizer of the Indian Lingiad Teams programmes in prominent cities of Denmark.

Dr Neilson

Head of the Deptt. Of Physical education & recreation, university of utah (U.S.A).The guide of Dr.R.LPrasad, Vyayam Visharad from Mandal. One who contributed to the cause of the mandal in America and organizer of Dr Prasad’s demonstrations of yogas and Indian games


The President of the world physical education congress of girls & women. Persuaded the organizers of the Tokyo Olympic to invite the Mandal’s Girls team to Tokyo. One who continues patronage to the Mandal after German Vyayam Maharshi Dr. Diem.

Mr. Nizamuddin Kirran

General secretary, third world congress of physical education organized by F.I.E.P. was so much impressed by the demonstration of the mandal at Lingiad that he invited the mandal even in face of stiff opposition. Arranged the demonstrations of the mandal 2-3 times before the delegates of the world congress. In the conference gave the mandal full time to deliver a lecture as the representative of India. The participants of the mandal got free medical aid due to him

Dr. Ph.Ed. Antonio Leal D’Oliveira

President, Federation International D’Education,physique (F.I.E.P.) old – (F.I.G. Ling, Sweden) Editor, F.I.E.P. Bulletin. Has affinity for the mandal. Impressed by the demonstration of 1936,49,53 H.V.P.M. contingents demonstrations. Propagated the cause of the mandal upheld and canvassed for the mandal’s decision to hold the world physical education congress. Sought recognition for the H.V.P.M. from the physical educationist who requested and persuaded every delegates of the world congress to attend the world congress convened by H.V.P.M.

Dr. Eugen Zerbe

President,Institute for physical education, university Hamburg (Germany). Physical Educationist Patron of H.V.P.M. one who has great regard for the mandal’s activities. In chaos and confusion when Berlin was being vacated at the end of war II under the constant fear of bombing, Dr. Zerbe retrieved the film of H.V.P.M. Berlin demonstrations in 1936 from the war ravaged building. Surprised the 1949 H.V.P.M. contingent by showing the same film retrieved at risking his own life.

Prof. Giusepp La Cava

Secretary General of Federation International De Medicine Sportive Rome (Italy)
Impressed by the Mandal’s activities on every function of the Federation unfailingly invites the Mandal to participate. Responsible for an invitation to the Mandal at the Conference convened along with Tokyo Olympics assisted the Mandal in demonstration on this eve. He helped the Mandal’s researchers by all possible means and gives due publicity to the Mandal’s activities in their bulletin.

Mr. A. Kaech Director,

Swiss Federal School of Sports & Gymnastics
A Physical Culturist commanding respect of the Swiss Military Department. Well Wisher of the Mandal; deeply professed by the Lingiad Team’s demonstrations.

Mr. Rodolf Balsiger

Principal, Federal Skilled Gymnastic Association, Switzerland
Manager of the Lingiad Team at Berlin. Well wisher of the Mandal. Took Swiss Team to South Africa in 1949 for display of Team Demonstration.

Mr. Henrich Medau

Head of Medau school of Gymnasts, Flensberg (Germany)
Authority in Womens Physical education and an expert in Music also. Deeply impressed by the Rhythm of Lezim in Indian System of exercises. He had detailed discussion with the organizer of H.V.P.M. Lingiad Team, Late Mr. H.V. Deshpande in 1949 tour of Germany. A physical Culturist who was convinced of the scientific base of the Indian system of exercises. His organization is of world wide repute. The Mandal is its member.

Prof. J.A. Kral – Dr. S. C. Prahal Ustav

Tecoasclwvnelo Lekarske, Faculty Karlovy University was so impressed by the programmes and progress of the Mandal that he wanted to visit the Mandal’s H.Q. Informed the Mandal accordingly, but could not visit due to disturbing situation in Czechoslavakia.

Dr. Wildt

Director, Institute for University, Bonn
Like revered German Physical Culturist Dr. Diem had a mind to visit India and the H.Q. of the Mandal to observe and study the Indian system of exercises. He had informed the Mandal Accordingly

Dr. Niels Buck Bulsh

Founder and head of the Niels Bulsh Gymnastics High School, Ollenap, Denmark. Renowned personality in Scandinavian Countries. His teams attend every world conference and display their system of exercises. In addition to this trips all over Europe are organized by them. Their Gymnasium is supposed to be gigantic. Students all over the world go there for training. Mandal’s two Vyayam Visharad Shri Harikripal Sharma, Principal, Govt. Rampul College of Physical Education and Mr. Ishwar Deshmukh, Director, Nagrik Unnati Mandal(Citizen’s Progress Club) had their training of higher degree O.D.A. in this institution for a year. Mr. Neils Buck is the Mandal’s well-wisher; was deeply impressed by the Lingiad Teams performance; organized their demonstration at Ollerup. Propagates the cause of the Mandal.

Mr. George G. Tan

He was a Publisher, Physical Education at Philippines. He met Dr.Diem in Formosa. Dr. Diem briefed him of the Mandal’s activities and was deeply impressed. Published information of the Mandal ans an article of the Mandal’s Dr. Diem told him that it would be nice to have reports or studies on Gymnastics of India.

Mr. Philip A. Smithells

Ex.Supdt. Of Physical Education, New Zealand, School of Physical Education
In his letter to the Mandal he writes – I am sure we who have been in Western countries have much to learn from the new and old practices in control of the body, mind which are found in your own country. I hope very much that I can take my next refresh leave in the East rather than America or Europe. He is having correspondence with the Mandal.


Ulltvit – M O E Gymnastic K inspektoren
“It was very interesting to me to see the demonstrations of Indian Physical Exercises in Stockholm in 1949 and in Istambul(Turkey) in 1953”. He regularly enquires about the Mandal’s activities.

Prof. Lucinto Tergo

Porto Alegra – Brazil
In his letter to the Mandal he writes – ‘I am truly curious to know better the yogic Gymnastics, Malkhamb and Lezim about which I have had little information . He regularly enquires about the information of the Mandal’s activities.

Mohd. Abd. El. Hamid

Chief of Physical Education department of GiyaZone U.A.R. In his letter to the Mandal he writes – ” During our meeting in Cologne in 1954 Sportochschule Prof. Carl Deim said, ‘in the matter of gymnastics conference, it is my opinion that now in India has to take initiative’.”

Nefissa El Ghamrawi

Dean, Higher Institute of Physical Education for Girls, in his letter to the Mandal writes – ” I am very curious to witness nad know about the yogic gymnastics and other traditional exercises of India. It will certainly be of real interest.”

J. Wes Mc Vicar

Secretary for Physical Education.
The National Council of Y.M.C.A. of Canada, writes in letter to the Mandal, ” Physical Education from all over the world will find this to be a most stimulating and educational event. India has much to offer those of us from the rest.”

Mr. K. A. Schralkall

Acting Head of the department of Physical Education, University of Priteria, South Africa, writes – Promises the Mandal saying, “I shall gladly for my part promote your as far as I can.”

Prof. Charles A. Sucher

Prof. of Education: Department of Physical Education, Health & Recreation, New york University in his letter to the Mandal says, “You can count on my full support in your work.”

Mr. Theodore P. Bank

President, the Athletic Institute (U.S.A.) writes a letter of assurance saying.” You may be assured that , I will do every thing I can to further the interest in it ”

Dr. Cesar Belovan

Director of I.N.E.F. of PERU and President of C.P.E.F. writes – ” I promise you my full support.” (Peru)