Institute of Adventure Sports

Establishment : 18 Aug 2003

The National Adventure Foundation (NAF) as an NGO, is performing a ‘community service’ oriented role in promoting Adventure activities, as a growth oriented and positive activity among the youth, particularly those hailing from the under privileged sections of society.

The NAF, was founded by Late Brig Gyan Singh, former Principal of Himalayan Mountaineering Institute (HMI) Darjeeling and Nehru Institute of Mountaineering (NIM) Uttarkashi, and leader of India’s first Expedition to Mt. Everest in 1960. It was registered, under the Registration of Societies Act 1860, in 1979, for promoting adventure sports among the youth of the country and build their personality and character by infusing in them a sense of discipline and National pride.

The NAF discharges this obligation by obtaining fund support from Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports and other Govt. /Semi Govt. organizations such as Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan, University Grants Commission and so on, as also by inviting donations from the corporate world.

Organisationally, the NAF has its National HQ located at New Delhi, and its Chapters all over the country overseeing promotion of the objectives of the NAF, within the region/ territorial jurisdiction allotted to each. The NAF also extends affiliation to those Adventure Clubs/ Organizations in the country which share NAF’s ‘Social’ orientation, and are, thus, willing to lend support to the NAF in areas/disciplines in which the NAF needs such support to promote its objectives.

Aim :

To expose the youth to nature, hardships and hazards, thereby build their personality, character, confidence and courage through adventure programs.

Objectives :

The objectives of the NAF are:

  1. Promote, encourage, support and execute schemes for making the younger generation interested in adventure activities entailing facing of challenges and obstacles, both artificial and natural, on rivers, seas and mountains and in forests, deserts, sky and in wilderness.
  2. To act as the apex national body & coordinating agency in promotion and conduct of Adventure Sports / Activities through setting up, in different parts of the country, either new Chapters of NAF or designating / co-opting existing organizations functioning with similar objects as NAF, as ‘Chapters of the NAF’.
  3. Channelise the energies of young women and men, both students and non-students, working and unemployed, with special emphasis on under-privileged sections of the society.
  4. Sponsor/ support national and foreign Adventure Expeditions/ events / activities, other than Mountaineering Expeditions, by acting as the ‘clearing house’ and coordinator with appropriate Central Ministries including those of Youth Affairs Sports, Home, Defence, Tourism, Environment, Surface Transport Highways, Civil Aviation, State Governments / Union Territories and other Govt. / Non Govt. agencies / organizations, as may be appropriate and necessary.
  5. Promote, extend scientific and other specialized knowledge by
    1. Collection and dissemination of such knowledge.
    2. Holding lectures, seminars, film and slide shows and exhibitions on adventure activities.
    3. Establishing and maintaining a library, reading room, auditorium and a museum.
    4. To plan, support and assist in execution of schemes and programs aimed at promoting interaction between young people of Border/Tribal/Remote Regions and hinterland regions, with a view to promote:
      A spirit of travel and adventure among young people of all regions.
      National Integration
      Better understanding, awareness and appreciation of the customs, traditions, flora & fauna obtaining in our Border/Tribal/Remote Regions.

Working Body :

Chief Patron – Hon. Gen. Sec.
President – Dr. R. S. Tiwari
Vice President – Prof. A.K. Karmarkar
Director – Shri Vijay V. Pande
Secretary/Treasurer – Shri Uday Manjare

Establishment Year – 18 Aug 2003


  1. Basic Course in Adv. Sports (10 days)
  2. Jungle trekking camp (4-5 days)
  3. Weekend Camps (2-3 days)
  4. Rock Climbing camp (2 days)