About Us

Shree H.V.P.M attract the country’s student populace and it is to the credit of our Institute that it houses one of the largest student populations among the different state of the country. These students need to be adequately aware and exposed to the IKS content. Giving them the right content pertaining to IKS through our educational framework will go a long way in creating interest in them to have deeper study about the IKS contents. When such students across the country will grow with such research and training, we are confident that both the mandate and vision of the IKS division can be easily achieved. The three focus areas that have chosen for the IKS center at our Institute will prove very attractive for our students. The three focus areas that have chosen are diverse enough to cater to multitudes of students with different backgrounds and wide interests. Bhartiya traditional sports and games are very much helpful in today’s generation for the betterment of human physical and mental health and those who does regularly plays Bhartiya traditional sports and games every often they rarely get affected by any kind of disease and any health issues. This is a subject of interesting as since ancient times it has immense importance. The center will expose students to Bhartiya traditional sports and games which can engage students meaningfully in IKS related areas as well. Holistic medicine and wellness are an approach to life that considers multidimensional aspects of wellness. It encourages students to learn the physical, mental, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual elements of persons life. The center will expose students to Indian Holistic medicine and wellness which can engage students meaningfully in IKS related contents. The physical wellness plays an important role in human’s life if the health is in good condition the human will live more and more. Yoga is a system of mental and physical development or exercises designed thousands of years ago to balance and unite the mind, body and spirit. Yoga is originated from Veda. Oldest systematically presented by sage Patanjali in yoga sutra. Understanding their significance would not only enhance the knowledge of the students but will expose them to IKS content as well. Above all, through the three focus areas of our center, students will be exposed to the area of Indian knowledge system. The whole scale of knowledge generation and dissemination that used to happen in the ancient period in India is something completely oblivious to our contemporary students as they are completely cut off and unaware of from such a treasure of knowledge. Our center will stimulate the impressionable minds and will disseminate the treasure of ancient knowledge of India among youths

HVPM IKS Center Objective

Bhartiya Traditional Sports and Games:

  1. To familiarize the student and general public about our Bhartiya sports and games.
  2. To create awareness about the significance of Bhartiya traditional sports and games for societal, physical and mental wellness of human beings.
  3. To create the awareness of Bhartiya traditional sports and games that how they are better in world.

Holistic Medicine and Wellness :

  1. To familiarise students and general public about the significance of ancient Indian intellectual tradition of holistic medicine and wellness in Naturopathy.
  2. To work continuously in the field of training, treatment research in Naturopathy to create awareness about ancient knowledge.
  3. To create awareness of Therapies in Nature cure like Hydrotherapy, Magnetotherapy, Mud therapy, Massage therapy, Physiotherapy, Electrotherapy and Chromotherapy (sun-rays treatment), Reiki, Acupuncture, Acupressure and the Therapeutic diet.

Indian Yoga :

  1. To propagate treasure of our ancient knowledge by the yoga science in the society and to start the research regarding yoga therapy, yoga philosophy.
  2. To Create awareness about importance and benefits of yoga which was extracted from our ancient Indian knowledge traditions for keeping human being physically, mentally and socially sound.
  3. To prepare students who will contribute to society with proven expertise in Yogashastra

HVPM IKS Team Expertise

Principal Investigator

Dr. Madhuri Shrikant Chendke is a Ex. Management and Senate Member at SGB Amravati University. She has done M.P.Ed, M.Phil and PhD in the domain of Physical Education. Also, she is working as Director at Nagari Sahakari Patsanstha, Vice President of Maharashtra Gymnastic Association, Secretary of District Gymnastic association, Member of Aquatic Amature Association. She has received with very prestigious awards like Tejaswini Award, Jaints Shree Award, Ahilyadevi Holkar Strishakti Award. Presently She is also looking after the responsibility as a Secretary for HVPM and with dedication at every available platform creating awareness about our Bhartiya traditional sports and games. As a representative of HVPM, she has participated in overseas Indian Congress in America, Conference on sports in women’s life in Finland, have demonstrated Indian physical and cultural activities in Argentina, Brazil and Russia for creating the awareness about our Bhartiya sports and games. Also have actively participated in many National level competitions in the domain of sports .

Co-Principal Investigator

Prof. Pranav S Chendke is presently looking after the responsibility as a Dean Training & Placements at HVPM’S College of Engineering & Technology. He has done: B.E, Master in Sports Administration from Russian International Olympic University, Sochi, Russia. He has received appreciation from PRESIDENT OF INDIA for participation and contribution in TRADITIONAL SPORTS & GAMES of India. (2012), Certificate of honour for gold medal at State level Thang-TA championship (2012), Certificate of Appreciation Maharashtra Mandal London, UK (2012), Certificate of Gratitude at TAFISA world sports, Siauliai, Lithuania (2012), Best Student of the Year during graduation.(2019), He is also looking after the responsibility as a representative of Shree H.V.P.Mandal (HVPM) NGO for UNESCO (Since 2021) to create awareness about our Bhartiya traditions and culture.

Dr. Mayuresh M Shingrup is presently working as Professor in HVPM’S College of Engineering & Technology MBA Department. He has done his M.Com, MBA and PhD in the faculty of Commerce & Management. He is also a Certified Resource person for Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), National Centre for Financial Education (NCFE) & National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM). He is also a life member are Indian Commerce Association, Indian Economic Association, Analytics Society of India(IIM, Bangalore). Different  projects and activities have been carried out under his leadership in the domain of  Indian Knowledge System to create awareness about ancient knowledge and tradition in society. He has been published various research papers and articles in National as well as international conference.

Dr. Sunil Madhukarrao Labde is currently looking after the responsibility as a Head of Department at Department of Yoga. He has done M.Sc. (Math’s); N.D.,D.Y. Ed.; P.G.D.Y.T.; M.A.(Yogashastra); Ph.D.(Yogashastra). As an Academician he has contributed his expertise since many years for creating awareness about Naturopathy. He has contributed his expertise to create the awareness about naturopathy at different places . He has attended many refreshers and orientation program in this domain. He has conducted many seminars on Naturopathy for creating awareness among masses. He also have presented many research papers in this domain and also have attended many conferences

Prof. Vilas Vasantrao Dalal is presently render his expertise and services at H.V.P.Mandals D.C.P.E, Amravati since 1993. He is a member of Selection committee at SGB Amravati University for Mallakhamb since 1997, Technical committee member of Maharashtra state Mallakhamb Association, Vice President of Maharashtra state Mallakhamb Association, Act as an official for state and National level Mallakhamb Tournaments. As an Academician and Sports teacher he has trained many students in Mallakhamb as our ancient Bhartiya sports and games.

Dr. Suryakant Dnyaneshwar Patil has contributed his expertise as Member of Board of Studies, Ad-hoc committee of Yogashastra in the faculty of Social Sciences, Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati since 2006, Member of Syllabus Committee, North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon in the session 2008-09 for diploma (yoga and naturopathy), Special Invitee Board of Studies in Physical Education and Recreation, Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati in the sessions 2007-08, 2008-09, Member of Syllabus Committee, Yashavantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University. ‘Gem of Yoga’ Awarded for priceless contribution and stupendous achievement in the field of Yoga and Naturopathy by U.P. Naturopathy and Yoga Teachers and Physicians Association, Lucknow, U.P., He is also Life member of Akhil Bhartiya Prakrutik Chikitsa Parishad, New Delhi, Life member of Shree Hanuman Vyayam Prasarak Mandal, Amravati, Life member of Yoga and Psychotherapy Association of India, Sagar, Life member Indian Association of Physics Teacher, Kanpur.

Research Assistant

Dr.Girija V Bharatiya has done B.A.M.S, D.Y.Ed. (Gold Medal), M.A. Yoga (Gold Medal), M.D (Dravyaguna Vidnyana), UGC NET (Yoga). She has also participated in “Avishkaar”- a research festival of MUHS Nashik and also well oriented towards the research process involved in conducting this project. Since many years she is working for spreading the awareness about our ancient knowledge treasure and how they are better to keep people physically, mentally, socially and spiritually sound.

Prof. Ashish V Hatekar is presently working as a faculty at HVPM DCPE Amravati. He has done B.P.Ed, M.P.Ed and M.Phil. He has actively participated in different sports competition at State as well as National Level. He has also worked as a coach for All India inter university gymnastic tournaments at Amritsar and Warangal. He has also presented many research papers in his domain and area of expertise.

Research Inter

Prof. Sandip P Mandale has done his Masters in Yogashastra and also cleared UGC NET. Presently he is working as Assistant professor at HVPM’S Degree college of physical education, Amravati. Since many years he is spreading the knowledge of Yogashastra in society through various events. He has published many research papers in National as well as in International conferences in the domain of Yogashastra.

Mr.Mayur V Dalal is currently pursuing his Master of Physical education at HVPM’s Degree college of Physical Education, Amravati. He has a wide expertise in Mallakhamb and has created awareness about Mallakhamb at National as well as International level. He is also working as a coach for very prestigious Khelo India University games for Mallakhamb. Since many years he is performing Mallakhamb in many countries.

Mr. Sumedh Pathak is currently pursuing his Masters from COEP, Pune. He has very wide experience and expertise in digital marketing and social media. He is very well versed in the domain of Sanskrit language. He is also having expertise in handling research projects.

Mentor Advisor

Acharya Shreyas Charudatta Kurhekar is a profound Vedic Scholar. He has learned Vedas in a Paramparik Gurukul Paddhati. He has done his B.A. and M.A. from Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University and was awarded by Gold Medal for securing first position in the subject English Literature. Also, he has done M.A. in Vedas from Kavikulaguru Kalidas Sanskrit Vishvavidyalay, Ramtek and was awarded by “Maharshi Ved Vyaas Puraskar” for securing first position in the subject Veda (Sanskrit). He has experience of teaching in Dharampeth arts & Commerce College and Jagadguru Shri Devnath Vedvidyalaya and Research Institute, Nagpur. Also, he has experience of working over various govt. policies at IKS Division, MoE, New Delhi. He has participated in various national/ international conferences. Various projects and activities have been carried out under his leadership to create awareness about Vedic knowledge & Vedic Culture as well as to promote relevance of traditional Vedic wisdom in modern age. Various courses on Indian knowledge Systems have been developed and delivered by him as part of his teaching responsibilities in various institutions.


The aim of the HVPM IKS Center will be to engage with the IKS contents by focusing on education, research and outreach. The Center will assist to different stakeholders in the society for creating awareness about our ancient Indian traditional knowledge. Presently younger population in India is large and not so much aware with the Indian culture, traditions and ancient Indian knowledge. To connect them with the ancient Indian traditional knowledge, hence HVPM IKS Center will act as bond to bring out the ancient Indian knowledge for younger population as well for general people in the society. Reintroducing and exploring this ancient Indian traditional knowledge will definitely start open-ended thinking process which assist to open novel ways of scientific thinking in different angle. Also, it will set a new model in the scientific narrative. The center will assist to create awareness in the people for their physical and mental wellness through three different focus areas that we have chosen for our proposed center i.e., Bhartiya Sports and Games, Holistic Medicine and Wellness, Indian yoga. The center also focuses its endeavour towards improving students physical, mental, moral, academic and social development so as to mould their all-round personality based on integrity of character and benevolence in new era.

Training Program

HVPM IKS Center is providing continuous training in the domain of Bhartiya Sports and Games, Holistic Medicine and Wellness, Indian yoga since many years. We are providing training for Bhartiya Sports and Games like Mallakhamb, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Dhanurvidya, Dand Baithak, Danpatta, Lathi, Ghosh Pathak, Kushti, Bhartiya Vyayam Visharad, Vyayam Patu, Vyayam Parangat for improving their physical, mental, moral, academic and social development. We are creating awareness among masses through different programs like workshops, seminars and FDP on Holistic Medicine and Wellness & Indian yoga.

HVPM IKS Center strives for

  • IKS Books Creation
  • IKS Research Activities
  • IKS Awareness Programs
  • IKS Conferences
  • IKS Workshops
  • IKS Symposium
  • IKS Activities for School students and Yuva

HVPM IKS Center Activities

HVPM IKS Center Inauguration Ceremony

Awareness Program on Indian Yoga at Different Schools in Amravati District

International Conference on Awareness on Indian Yoga at Dubai (UAE)

International Conference on Awareness on Indian Yoga at Dubai (UAE)

Awareness program on Naturopathy at Chikhaldara