From Working President Desk

Dr. Ramesh L. Godbole, Working President


That was the message given by great philosopher and spiritual leader Saint Acharya Vinoba Bhave, who through his Bhoodan Yatra generated tremendous energy amongst the post independent India and set the ball rolling towards the direction of welfare of Indian State.

At HVPM our slogan “Age Badho Sab Se Age Badho” – “March ahead of all”– is our slogan to propagate dynamism and cultivate a spirit of healthy competition amongst youths to attain the highest goals in their career. We strive to inspire our students in particular and society in general to take up the challenges of life and work hard to achieve them.

The contribution in struggle for independence by HVPM is immense and unforgettable. Giving recognition to the institution’s efforts to imbibe spirit of patriotism, and giving apt direction to the efforts taken up by the founders of this Akhada, the great national leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Madan Mohan Malviya and Dr. Subhashchandra Bose visited several times HVP Mandal’s establishment at Amaravati. They were impressed to see the commitment of the members of the Mandal and its capability to nurture the youth of the region and prepare them physically and mentally to take on the challenges to overthrow mighty British Empire.

Large number of youths from the Region sacrificed their livelihood and some – even their lives by taking active part in freedom struggle during the pre-independence era and created history. Great Martyr Rajguru was one of them!

After attainment of Independence of our country, nation building was next challenge! The Mandal’s visionary leaders and a team of dedicated workers thoughtfully continued to impart Physical Training to create a disciplined force of students and integrated them into the system of formal education as Physical Training Instructors /Educators in innumerable institutions across the length and breadth of the nation. Many of them are part of the administration of Univeristies, State and Central Government Organisations, Premier Sports Institutions etc.

The Mandal slowly and steadily built up huge infrastructure sprawling over an area over 130 acres in Amaravati. It achieved great heights in the field of sports and physical education which earned it an Autonomous Status from the University Grants Commission.

Due to the foresight of the dynamic management of the Mandal, it started participating in the pre-Olympic games by way of holding demonstrations of Indian Games and culture in international arena since 1938 (Berlin Olympics). This excellent exposure abroad resulted in building confidence amongst the workers of the Mandal which was instrumental in transforming them into a team which later on went to hold many a national and international events in Amaravati! The demonstrations of sports and culture executed by Mandal’s team not only earned it a name throughout the world but also showcased the world Indian sports and ancient culture thereby popularizing games like Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Attya Patya, Malkhamb, Lezim, Danpatta etc. with the result that Kabaddi has been accepted as formal sports in Asian Games.

The Mandal took over the management of Vidarbha Ayurved Mahavidyalaya, Amaravati which was one of the oldest College of Ayurvedic Medicine in the Region. At that time the College was on the verge of closure due to dearth of resources and leadership. The Mandal took tremendous efforts in upgrading the college infrastructure, started Hospital services and Ayurvedic Drug manufacturing unit to cater to needs of hospital and college. Due to consistent efforts and zealous mission, the Mandal was able to bring the affairs of the Ayurved College to a respectable level.

In 2002 the Mandal decided to open Engineering College. Presently there are 660 no. of students undergoing studies in high tech branches like Information Technology, Telecommunication, Instrumentation etc. The students passing out of the Engineering College are absorbed in the premier corporate bodies by holding Campus interviews.

During these years, the Mandal started schools, colleges to impart formal education amongst the students from this region and started a number of special tribal residential schools in remote area of Melghat in Amaravati Dist. for the welfare of the Tribal Community.

Farmers Suicide in Vidarbha has been a cause of concern for all of us. It’s a curse on any civilized society. There are bound to be imbalances in any developing economy. These resulted in suicide of farmers who are the most unorganized and hence deprived of their legitimate rights in a democratic set up.The tendency of suicides grew amongst them due to continuous neglect on part of civil society on one part and the disastrous climatic conditions for continuous period of 3-4 years on the other. Their economics went into complete disarray. In May 2007, the Mandal took bold decision to start Counselling Centre for farmers in distress in 6 affected districts of Vidarbha. The trust reposed by the society in Mandal’s ability to counter any threat was the main driving force for taking up this humanly task. Knowing fully well of our limited resources in this area, we teamed up with Public Sector Banks, Education institutions imparting formal education in Agriculture, Agriculture University and other NGOs working for welfare of farmers. The expedition in this direction turned out to be satisfactory as none of the 80,000 odd farmers who have obtained training in these camps has committed suicide. This prompted the Mandal to take up additional responsibility to take up the cause of the farmer families. At Mandal, their children are now being offered training in physical education totally free of charge, so that they can start small akhadas in their remote villages.

An institution has to be progressive in not only its infrastructure but also in its thinking, It has to be responsive to the needs of the changing society. It has to act as buffer to absorb the shocks suffered by the downtrodden and underprivileged society. It has to imbibe a sense of belonging so also a sense of responsibility towards fellow citizen. This is evolution at pace in Shree Hanuman Vyayam Prasarak Mandal……Charaivati….Charaivati….. Age Badho ….Sabse Age Badho.