I am glad to put on record the account of international endeavors and activities of Shree Hanuman Vyayam Prasarak Mandal, Amravati (WPM) during the period 20/0 to 2020 for the propagation of India’s traditional physical culture, sports, and games. This account consists of International tours undertaken, otganization of conferences and courses, signing of MoOs, exchange activities conducted under such contracts, the deputation ofspeakers and delegates to conferences, collaboration with international bodies like UNESCO, ICSSPE, TAMA, REP IAPESGIV, 1TSGA, and ICTSG: publication of conducive literature, forming of Asian Regional Centre for TSG under the patronage of TAFISA and such other activities.

To seek collaboration and in partnership with UNESCO, TAFISA, ICSSPE and other world bodies working in the field of ICH-TSG in propagating the cause of India’s TSG and physical culture.

Shree H. V. P. Mandal Collaborated With

  1. Jan Dludosz University in Czestochowa
  2. Gerlev Physical Education and Sports Academy, Denmark
  3. Russian International Olympic University, Sochi, Russia.
  4. UNESCO accredited NGO, Embodying Reconciliation from Bogota, Columbia