Athletics Academy

Training Center Name HVPM Athletics Accademy
Center Description / Details Welcome to our vibrant college Athletics department, where students are encouraged to unleash their full athletic potential, foster teamwork, and cultivate a passion for sports. Our department is dedicated to promoting physical fitness, personal growth, and the pursuit of excellence, both on and off the field.

The HVPM Athletics Academy hosts a 400 meters standard track, Around 50 students regularly train here in different athletics activities like Sprinting, Jumping, Throwing, Running, etc. The facility has all the latest equipment and facilities to ensure high-level training.

Kids are given special training in the form of recreational games to build Endurance, Discipline, and Athleticism at a young age moreover along with regular warm ups, yoga, and Surya Namaskar is also been incorporated into their training sessions.

Students who prepare for athletics competitions are given intense training in the form of Fartlek training, Hill training, Stairs training, Core training, Gym sessions, etc.  Ice baths are also given to the students for good recovery. The training is given by our experienced and professional trainers.

Coaching given for – Sprinting

– Middle Distance

– Marathons

– Jumping

– Throwing

Coaching Timings Morning

5:00 AM – 8:00 AM


5:00 PM -7:00 PM

Venue HVPM Athletics Academy
Activities / Events Conducted 1. Inter School Divisional Level Shooting Range Competitions
Achievements (From Session 2013-2023)


1. Manthan Shirbate – 1st PLACE At District and Division, Athletics    Federation of India. (2022, 2023)

2. Gauri – 1st Rank at District and 3rd Rank at State, Athletics    Federation of India. (2022, )

3. Gauri – 2nd Rank at Khasdar Federation Nagpur (2022)

4. Gauri – 2nd Rank at District and 2nd Rank at State (2023 )

5. Shrutika Gawai – 1st Rank at District, 2nd Rank at Divisions, 4th Rank at     State. (2023)

Seniors under 23, Short Put

1. Suraj – 2nd Rank at District

2. Meher – 1st Rank at District

v Running

1. Soham Jadhav – 1st Rank at District, 200 M & 60 M, Under 12, 2023

Road Race 1st and 2nd Rank (3km, 5km)

Long Jump

1. Vishesh Pardakha – 3rd Rank at District, 2023

Activity Head Abhishek Kumar

Ester Oraon

Contact Number 7004100067


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