Establishment : 21 March 2005
Registration No.: Maharashtra 277/05/Amravati

Maharastra Archery Association Ambapeth Amravati

Objectives :

The objectives of the Maharastra Archery Association are:

  1. To undertake all the projects guaranteing the development of Archery and allied games within the State.
  2. To provide facilities for acquisition of knowledge and information as well as advancement in the Archery and such allied games and to encourage advancement of the said games by way of affiliation with the other bodies, institutions, organizations, etc.
  3. To encourage physical culture and to start, conduct or to manage institutions for this purpose so as to ensure popularisation of archery and such other allied sports.
  4. To establish hostels for poor pupils and to open and conduct orphanages.
  5. To co-operate with Government, State, National and International bodies, other societies, institutions and bodies for the purpose of promoting the cause as well as for holding competitions.
  6. To organise competitons, exhibitions, weeks and take such other projects in consonance with the aims and objects of the Association.
  7. To arrange and manage State Championship or any other meet or competitions in Archery and allied games which may be conducted in accordance with the norms of affiliation with the other institutions, Associations, Bodies of National and Inter-national level as well as such institutions working within the States of Maharastra and other States.
  8. To select the team to represent the State in the National Championship and further to uphold and maintain the laws governing competitions and rules and regulations framed by Archery Association of India as well as by the managing Committee of International Sports etc.
  9. To promote the national integrity.
  10. To undertake all projects in consonance with the Government policy and in confirmity with such other institutions.

Working Body :