Vyankatrao Dubey

Vyankatrao Dubey

Vyankatrao Dubey was continuously in touch with freedom struggle since 1930 to 1947. He was born on 30 June 1912. He got admitted in Vyayam shala in 1923 at Amravati. Due to hobby of playing and in born skills he got success in manly physical activities. He was a well-known player and he performed magnificently in demonstration tours of Vyayam shala at various places. He was famous as an excellent bugler. He got imprisoned for first time when he gave bugle call while working as a volunteer in satyagraha camp at Akola during 1930 movement. From that moment he started his fight for freedom.

He got arrested as he attended the Gadhawal day rally and then left at Pohara jungle. He worked as a volunteer in Jungle Satyagraha at Wadali under the leadership of Dr. Bhojraj in 1930.

In 1931 he was again imprisoned in Jabalpur for 4 months as a Satyagrahi. He completed his responsibility as a volunteer in Congress session with demonstration of physical activities. Mandal’s program was organized at Mumbai in Golden jubilee ceremony of Congress session in December 1935, and also in 1936 the Mandal was invited in ‘Faizpur Session’. Seeing the services provided by the workers of the Mandal on both occasions, the responsibility of organizing Congress session at Tripuri (Jabalpur) was given to Mandal in 1939. Shri Vyankatrao Dubey was a leading member in the selected workers sent by Mandal for this task. There he came in contact with the national leaders. Vyankatrao Dubey always took the lead to blow the bugle in congress session to awaken and encourage the residential representatives, while flag hoisting, to give salute to National leaders and invitees of session.

Vyankatrao worked in 1942 session. He helped all Mandal’s Satyagrahi. For one year Ambadaspant Vaidya had sent him as a organizer at all India physical cultural institute, Birla Mandir, Delhi. He supported freedom movement through the propagation of physical education program.