Junior College of Education

Date of Establishment : 1 June 1969
Date of recognition by NCTE : 7 Dec 2002
Code : 112020

About us 

H.V.P.M’s till 1969 had focused its attention on primary education . It was indeed a proper approach to build complete teacher. H.V.P.Mandal’s College of education Amravati was established in 1969. It is aided by the Goverment ,recognized by NCTE . It is located in Amravati. It also known as “Amba Nagari” and is at 156 Km from Nagpur.


To provide academic intellectual and practical training essential for teaching proficiency through teacher personality development.

To develop proper abilities and vigour in the teacher trainees for contributing to the community and national development through efficacious teaching and use of technology.
To provide proper orientation and training in national values and core demands that are relevant to indian cultural ethics.

Objective of the institution 
To promote the education at all level of human development on firm foundation of national integration and solidarity.

To provide for quality practice for developing teaching ablilites through self realization. self development for national development .

To provide for teacher personality development by includeing value system .

Facilities :

  1. Library
  2. Computer laboratory
  3. Two Class Rooms
  4. Multipurpose hall (Audio – visual rooms)
  5. Psychology Lab
  6. Science Lab
  7. work experience Lab
  8. Principal Room
  9. Office
  10. Staff Room
Executive Committee of H.V.P.Mandal, Amravati   
Working PresidentAdv. Krishnarao H. Deshpande
Vice President1. Shri R.S.Gawai
2. Dr. S.V.Saodekar
3. R.K.Deshpande
Hon. Gen. SecretaryShri Prabhakarrao A. Vaidya
Secretaries1. Shri V.H. Harne
2. Shri Vikas M.Koleshwar
3. Smt. Madhuri S. Chendke
TreasurerDr. Sureshrao H. Deshpande
Local Managing Committee
PresidentShri Prabhakarrao A. Vaidya
Secretary PrincipalShri D.D.Thrakre
Member1. Dr. Sureshrao H. Deshpande
2. Smt. Madhuri S. Chendke
3. Shri R.G.Khandekar
Non Teaching
Teaching FACULTY
Name, Qualification and DesignationDate of appointment in the present positionDate of Super annuationPhoto
Shri D.D.ThrakrePrincipal30.06.2018
(B.Sc, M.A, M.Ed, D.S.M),01.09.2008
Shri S.B. WelkeAsst.Teacher31.07.2032
(M.A, B.Ed),
Sau. M. R. JaiswalAsst.Teacher31.03.2029
(M.A, M.Ed, LLB),
Shri. S.G.WarhadeAsst.Teacher31.12.2035
(M.Sc, M.Ed),
Ku. J. R. AmbhoreAsst.Teacher29.02.2028
(M.A, Marathi, Pali, M.Ed),
Sau. S. P. Deole
(B.P.E , M.P.Ed )
Part Time Lecturer
Non Teaching Staff
Jr. Clerk
Peon1. Shri V.G.Landge (SSC)
2. Shri A.M. Mane (9th)