Various sports courses :

To increase the interest in sports , Mandal has started these courses . Mandal also provides all the modern facilities and equipment and also trained Instructors. For economically weak players , the training is provided free of cost.

It includes the training of following games :

1. Gymnastics 2. Cricket
3. Archery 4. Swimming
5. Basket-Ball 6. Judo
7. Wrestling 8. Badminton

Age Limit : above 10 years

Duration : 10 May to 10 June

Duration For Swimming : 15 April to 10 May for local people.
10 May to 5 June for people other than local.
5 June to 30 June for all.

Dress Code :

Badminton : White half pant and white T-shirt, canvas shoes,socks.Participants have to bring their own Badminton rackets and shuttles.

Cricket : White full pant and white T-shirt, canvas shoes, socks.

Swimming : Swimming costumes are provided in Co-operative store of Mandal at reasonable price.