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Certificate course in Indian Sports (C.I.S.)

H.V.P.Mandal have started this course to develop interest in Kabaddi, Kho-Kho & Mallakhamb among school and college students.

To develop good quality instructors Mandal have started following 3 types of courses.

1) Kabaddi

2) Kho-Kho

3) Mallkhamb

It is necessary to choose any one of the above for the training.

Duration : 15th May to 3rd June.

Eligibility :

1) B.P.E. (First year)

2) C.P.Ed.

3) D.P.Ed. or B.P.Ed.

4) Degree holders having special knowledge in sports.

5) Preference will be given to the Teachers sent by Institutions.

6) D.Ed Second year , skilled in sports.

Age limit : 18 to 35 Years.

On successful completion of this course student gets a "Certificate" of Hanuman Vyayam Prasarak Mandal.

Officiating Test :

This course is recognized by All India Kho-Kho & Kabaddi Organization. And every year officiating test is conducted. The candidate passing the test is given the "Certificate" by the respective National organization.