Swimming Activities - H.V.P. Mandal

Establishment : 10 Dec 2001
Registration No.: MAH / 62301 / Amravati

Amravati District Amateur Aquatic Association, Amravati.

Aim and Objectives :

The aims and objectives of the Amravati District Amateur Aquatic Association, Amravati are:

  1. To encourage, to promote and to popularise in the District of Amravati and generally to improve the Standard of Swimming Sports.
  2. To improve, control and regulate tournaments in Swimming.
  3. To permit individuals, etc. interested in and/or promoting Swimming, to affilate to the District Swimming Association.
  4. To arrange and manage the District Championship or any other meet in Swimming that may be conducted by its affiliated clubs, institutions, and to render reasonable assistance to them, in conduct of the same.
  5. To make similar arrangement for Inter District Championship matches or tournaments, Subject to sanction approval and control of the Regional Association.
  6. To select the team to represent the District of Amravati at the Inter-District or state Championships.
  7. To uphold and maintain the laws governing competitions and rules and regulations framed by yhe Swimming Federation of India.


Working Body :

President Shri Prabhakarrao Ambadaspant Vaidya
Vice President Shri Chandrashekar Narayan Kulkarni
Vice President Shri Pramod M. Deshmukh
Secretary Shri Vasant Haribhau Harne
Joint Secretary Shri Tomy Jose
Joint Secretary Shri Sanjay Ramchandra Marathe
Treasurer Shri Laxmikant Manikrao Khandagale
Member Shri Hemant Namjoshi
Member Shri Mangase Laxmanrao Vyawahare
Member Shri Arun Sadashivrao Gogate
Member Shri Anil Jadhav

List of Swimmer's of International Repute:

Sr. No Name Venues Year Achievements
1. Amit Gore Junicity (China) 2002-03 Bronze Medal
2. Akshay Kurhekar Makao(China) 2003-04 Participant
3. Sumit Gawhane Makao(China) 2003-04 Participant
4. Dipti Motghare Makao(China) 2003-04 Silver Medal
5. Siddhi Dahe Makao(China) 2003-04 Silver Medal
6. Shubhangi Bhoite Makao(China) 2003-04 Silver Medal
7. Supriya Ajmire Makao(China) 2003-04 Silver Medal
8. Akshay Kurhekar Hongkong 2004-05 Bronze Medal
9. Sumit Gawhane Hongkong 2004-05 Bronze Medal
10. Poorva Deshpande Australia 2004-05 Para Olympic
11. Ashish Ambadkar Bangkok 2005-06 Participant
12. Harshali Rithe Bangkok 2005-06 Silver Medal
13. Niharika Parihar Bangkok 2005-06 Silver Medal
14. Kanchanmala Pande Melbon (Australia)(Common wealth Game) 2006 Participant
15. Kanchanmala Pande Malaysia (Para Asian Game) 2006 Gold, Silver
16. Shraddma Belore Jakarta (Indonesia) 2007 Bronze Medal
17. Payal Ajmire Jakarta (Indonesia) 2007 Bronze Medal
18. Harshali Rithe Jakarta (Indonesia) 2007 Bronze Medal
19. Niharika Parihar Jakarta (Indonesia) 2007 Bronze Medal
20. Kanchanmala Pande German Open 2006 Gold, Silver
21. Aniket Sakhare Tokyo (Japan) 2009 Brinze Medal
22. Mayuri Dakhane Tokyo (Japan) 2009 Brinze Medal
23. Chetan Raut(IWAS) Banglore (India) 2009 Silver Medal
24. Chetan Raut Berlin(Germany) 2010 Participant
25. Chetan Raut Delhi (India) (Common wealth Game)    
26. Shubhangi Bhoite China 2010 Participant
27. Siddhi Dane China 2010 Participant
28. Chetan Raut China 2010 Participant