M I S S I O N About H.V.P.Mandal


With children and youth as its targets, the Mandal has focused its endeavors towards improving their physical, mental, moral, academic and social development so as to mould their all-round personality based on integrity of character and benevolence and make them capable of meeting the challenges of the new era.


Since its inception, the institute has concentrated on developing an ideal system of physical culture by integrating and assimilating positive elements of various cultures including India’s traditional systems. The blend thus evolved should avoid the negative effects of commercial and competitive sports.


To standardize and popularize India’s traditional system of physical culture and blend it properly with Western concepts of physical education and systems.

To promote health and fitness of the masses.

To develop sports and allied sciences and employ them strategically towards welfare and wellbeing of the masses.

To promote excellence in education at all levels of human development.

To identify, nurture and develop talents of budding sports women and men without gender discrimination.